Music for lazy weekends.
01 Nor Elle- Dub Flow CUT2
02 Segue - Snow Dub
03 Pole - Wipfel Dub
04 JFC - Love Dub
05 Miktek - Ominous Ride
06 Bvdub - Embrace, Release
07 Lee Gamble - Dsm
08 JFC - Stereotype
09 Beat Pharmacy - Override
10 Objekt - Cactus
11 Jessie Ware - Swan Song
12 Loscil and Fieldhead - With Northerly Winds
13 Miktek - False Dawn
14 Dean Blunt - Urban
15 Nor Elle - Dear Trypthonite
16 Voigt & Voigt - Sozial
17 Thomas Fehlmann - Treatment



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Martin Stürtzer - Roland TR-8 Dub Techno (+Moog, Machinedrum)

For those that have not yet heard of Freund Der Familie , they are record label based in Berlin, as well as production duo consisting of Klaus Rakete and Mirko Hunger.The duo’s productions are heavy,clear, and comforting a bit of bitter sweet. Check out their other releases from artists such as SVEN WEISEMANN
TARON TREKKA/BAAZ/MARKO FÜRSTENBERG/DELVE/CHRISTOPHER RAU/BOYTALK among others. We hope you enjoy this breath taking mix that was recorded at Elipamanoke in Leipzig,DE…..must of been one hell of a party.

Freund Der Familie



1) Intro & ambient
2) Snowflake 2
3) Snowflake 6
4) Rigning sjo
5) Cold hands
6) Rigning sex
7) Rigning Einn
8) Rigning Tvo
9) The salt on her cheeks
10) Rigning Prju
11) Snowflake 8
12) As it is
13) Sleepygirl 2
14) Sleepygirl 5
15) Sleepygirl 4
16) Sleepygirl 7
17) Change
18) A thousand words
19) When they stood they let down their wings
20) Rigning fjorir

Welcome to the 48th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast mixed by Rolandson!

my mix-set for deep electronics podcast »en resa till havsbotten» is part V in my »en resa … « - series. a series of mix-sets for different podcasts. part V is a deep journey into the ocean - i dive to the bottom of the sea and let the music speaks for me.
All I had in the beginning was the desire to express my feelings and thoughts that rush through me at the beach, the seaside, listening to crushing waves or by diving in the ocean and to do that through my music.
I meant to make these thoughts and feelings a more intense experience, make them deeper and warmer. so welcome to my journey (swedish: en resa) to the bottom of the sea (swedish: till havsbotten) - »en resa till havsbotten«.


01 Minilogue - Everything Is All You’ve Got (Original Mix)
02 Moomin - Doobies (Original Mix)
03 Recondite - Tie In (Acid Test)
04 Recondite - Hermelin (Original Mix)
05 Recondite - Unterholz (Original Mix)
06 Recondite - Waldluft (Original Mix)
07 Lake People - Night Drive (Original Mix)
08 Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Flaschenpost
09 King of the Mountains - Zoetrope
10 Fait Du Prince - Wintersonne (Original Mix)
11 Federico Locchi - Nebulosa (Original Mix)
12 Radiothérapie - Macas (Original Mix)
13 The Micronaut - Mairenke (Lake People Remix)
14 Nutia - Papo (Lake People Remix)

Photography and Design: Jeroen Smulders

Photo taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Logo Design: NLz

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Aura Fresh - Eazy

⇩↜mi mini review↝ ⇩
deep muted kicks upon layers of melodic synths and murderous uplifting stabs. excellent for sunny weekends, lazy chillaxin’ at your sofa/balcony/terrace/pool alone or with friends or for a lovely 420 km night drive to an upcoming open air beach party for instance.. great for setting a pre-party mood and for after-party chilling —- just a few quick picks off my mind.. enjoy this awesome tune that has me humming 3+ hours after listening to it for the last time. superb dubly “German Ohrwurm” - a song or other music that repeats compulsively within one’s mind, put colloquially as “music being stuck in one’s head.”

HEISA - Naum

Head numbing dub techno turned 3 today!

We are all one

ха ха кеф!ето и реге world dub микс по този повод

Track played Live at Utopia Boom Landing (2014)

Vocals : Function Loops

"Comfortnoise Ploy is live sonic carpet weaving somewhere between dubtechno & dub at its roots: with two turntables, a microphone, a legendary vintage roland space echo re-201, an elektron octatrak sampling/sequencing device, a multi-band radio, a dub siren & other useful gear to do the dub. "

roots controlla’
dub operator

From the album Diffraction, available on CD & digital download:

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Slam - Groovelock (Deepchord Centrum Remix)