"Comfortnoise Ploy is live sonic carpet weaving somewhere between dubtechno & dub at its roots: with two turntables, a microphone, a legendary vintage roland space echo re-201, an elektron octatrak sampling/sequencing device, a multi-band radio, a dub siren & other useful gear to do the dub. "

roots controlla’
dub operator

From the album Diffraction, available on CD & digital download:

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Slam - Groovelock (Deepchord Centrum Remix)


Yagya | A Thousand Words

On the AA side, original Kompute Musik recording artist Steve Hitchell (aka Soultek, Echospace, CV313, etc.) returns to Kompute Musik under his CV313 guise and delivers nothing short of a timeless masterpiece using the full 12 minutes to tell his version of an epic tale…

The first 101 copies of DVILLE appear on Clear and Black marble vinyl.

The last one hour from my morning set at Balkan Station Green Level open-air party, 15.06.2014

Tracklist in alphabetical order:

Acronym - Photic [Dimensional Exploration]
Alan Backdrop - Ch-x [Enklav.]
Alan Backdrop - Dp3 [Enklav.]
Cassegrain - Eud [Prologue]
Deaxmade - Retoactivium (Oscar Mulero remix) [Granulart]
Decoside - Reload (Fluxion remix) [Eclipsemusic]
Efdemin - Drop Frame [Dial]
Efdemin - Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes [Dial]
Inigo Kennedy - Lullaby [Token]
Kazooo - Frostagon [Legoego]
Marcel Dettmann - Factory Report Two [Kontra-Musik]
Marcelus - Oneness [Singular Records]
RTX - Innervoyage [Deeply Rooted House]
Stewart Walker - Wide Set Eyes [Persona Records]
Tadeo - Reflection Nebula 056n [Apnea]

Source: vinyl + CDr

For our fifth release it’s the turn of the third REfINE Musketeer Neil Quigley to enter the fray to present his ‘Rain EP’. ‘Rain’ is a delicate fusion of pulsing synths, ethereal pads and crisp drums, with the breathy gentle vocals of Ange, more widely known for her recent collaborations with Robert Babicz. Remixes come from Glaswegians Mia Dora and fellow REfINEr Terry Lee Brown Junior

просто защото Tracklisting excerpts from:

1. Different Lives
2. Different Lives (Grad_U Remix)
3. Different Lives (March Snow Dub)
4. Different Lives (Space Dub)
5. Different Lives (Grad_U Dub)
6. Different Lives (Silent Dub)
7. Different Lives (Chorus Love Version)
8. Different Lives (Morning Light Version)
9. Different Lives (Sraunus Pinery Version)
10. Different Lives (Grad_U Reconstruction)


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Press on!

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