The last one hour from my morning set at Balkan Station Green Level open-air party, 15.06.2014

Tracklist in alphabetical order:

Acronym - Photic [Dimensional Exploration]
Alan Backdrop - Ch-x [Enklav.]
Alan Backdrop - Dp3 [Enklav.]
Cassegrain - Eud [Prologue]
Deaxmade - Retoactivium (Oscar Mulero remix) [Granulart]
Decoside - Reload (Fluxion remix) [Eclipsemusic]
Efdemin - Drop Frame [Dial]
Efdemin - Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes [Dial]
Inigo Kennedy - Lullaby [Token]
Kazooo - Frostagon [Legoego]
Marcel Dettmann - Factory Report Two [Kontra-Musik]
Marcelus - Oneness [Singular Records]
RTX - Innervoyage [Deeply Rooted House]
Stewart Walker - Wide Set Eyes [Persona Records]
Tadeo - Reflection Nebula 056n [Apnea]

Source: vinyl + CDr

For our fifth release it’s the turn of the third REfINE Musketeer Neil Quigley to enter the fray to present his ‘Rain EP’. ‘Rain’ is a delicate fusion of pulsing synths, ethereal pads and crisp drums, with the breathy gentle vocals of Ange, more widely known for her recent collaborations with Robert Babicz. Remixes come from Glaswegians Mia Dora and fellow REfINEr Terry Lee Brown Junior

просто защото Tracklisting excerpts from:

1. Different Lives
2. Different Lives (Grad_U Remix)
3. Different Lives (March Snow Dub)
4. Different Lives (Space Dub)
5. Different Lives (Grad_U Dub)
6. Different Lives (Silent Dub)
7. Different Lives (Chorus Love Version)
8. Different Lives (Morning Light Version)
9. Different Lives (Sraunus Pinery Version)
10. Different Lives (Grad_U Reconstruction)


Press on!


Press on!

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Прав ъгъл е едно от малките съзвездия на южното звездно небе, невидимо от нашата страна
Norma, the Carpenters Square, is completely visible in latitudes South of 30 degrees North from April - June.

Norma was invented byLacaille during his stay at the Cape of Good Hope between 1751 and 1752.
Norma was named by Abbé Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. He called it “Norma et Regula” (the Level and the Square), but this awkward name was mercifully shortened to its modern form.

ASC - Low Clouds
Marsen Jules Trio - Les Trains Stortent De La Gare
Ulf Lohmann - Nights Blood
Rene Lowe + Paul St. Hilaire - Faith (No Vox Mix)
The Freemartin Calf (original soundtrack) - The Crossing II, Gutter-Plunder
Mr Cloudy - N
Fury and Hecla - With Northerly Winds
Ulf Lohmann - PCC
FareWell Poetry - All in the Full, Indomitable Light of HOPE [part II]
Loscil - Sickbay
G.R.I.T. - Evoke
G.R.I.T. - Expanse (cv313 Expansed Reprise)
Mr Cloudy - Different Lives (Morning Light Version)
Bing & Ruth - And Then It Rained
Marsen Jules - Aile d´aigle
Thomas Fehlmann - Titan

second part of my deep/dub techno/ambient podcasts. you are welcome.

f.l.o. …

Mikkel Metal has been going at it for a long time now - since the mid-nineties he’s released a total of 5 albums and almost 30 EPs. Beginning as a guitarist heavily inspired by the introspective mood of the British shoegaze scene and the aesthetic of American lo-fi, Mikkel later cultivated an interest for the electronic sounds of dub, techno and breakbeat music. This week’s mix is a journey through the taste of Mikkel Metal, combining dusty, dubby soundscapes and extroverted breakbeat.

About 97% of the human body is made out of only six elements — carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulfur, also nicknamed the “CHNOPS” elements. The rest of the human body is an eclectic mixture of minerals and metals: calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, zinc etc.

After death, your body begins to decompose and the atoms/energy from which you were made is recycled into the Earth to be used again. - това е най-успокояващото нещо за смъртта, което съм чувал, а като цяло съм си страхливец (。・_・。)

01 Mobb Deep - The Start Of Your Ending (41st Side) (extract/intro)

02 Arovane - Seaside

03 Boy Robot - Loving you makes me nervous

04 Mikkel Metal - Patience 05 Blamstrain - 6 Pm

06 Sigur Rós - Straumnes

07 Marsen Jules - Coeur Saignant

08 Thom Brennan - The Fall of Winter

09 Yagya (DeepChord Redesigns) - Will To Live

10 Kaito - Will To Live

11 DeepChord - Seaweed

12 Ingram Marshall - Gradual Requiem Part 2 

13 Bvdub - Appear, Disappear

14 Bvdub - I Wish I Could Say More Than This (extract/outro)

Ozy - “Drama Club”
Oscar Schubaq - “Triade”
Global Communication - “4:14”
Lowtec - “Untitled”
Benjamin Brunn - “Echoes Of BCN”
Photek ‎- “Kanei”
Donato Dozzy - “Vaporware 01” (slow version)
Joris Voorn - “Listen”
Arctic Hospital ‎– “Rotating Water”
Boards of Canada - “”Reach for the Dead”
Two Lone Swordsmen - “As Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye…”
Dettinger - “Untitled”
Theorem - “Shift”
µ-Ziq - “Hug”